The Ultimate Guide For Your First Time At Pony Club

Two young girls at pony club, dressed up wearing black helmets, white shirts, red ties and cream jodhpurs.

First time at Pony Club? We have the ultimate guide for you.

Pony Club is the starting place for many of the country's top equestrians and helps prepare young riders for the future. It provides instruction for riding, horsemanship, and basic horse care in a fun environment with other horse-crazy kids!

However, going to Pony Club for the first time can be a daunting experience for parents. Like many other sporting clubs, a few essential bits and pieces are needed to complete your child's outfit for a rally day.

Each Pony Club has a uniform including a branded polo or shirt which is generally purchased from the club itself. However, the following items are generally used by all Pony Club members and are considered necessary rally or training day attire.


Firstly, it is crucial to have correct well-fitting boots for safety reasons. Jodhpur Boots suitable for Pony Club must have a full, smooth sole with textured tread and a small heel which helps ensure the boot doesn't slip through the stirrup. Boots can be black or brown, however, some clubs do have a preference, so be sure to double-check with them.

Image of Eurohunter Jodhpur Boots, Saddleworld Dural's recommendation for pony club. Available in both brown and black with children's and youth sizes.

Eurohunter Jodhpur Boots

The Eurohunter Jodhpur boot is a smart-looking, quality leather boot with a comfortable and hard-wearing sole and heel. Available in both black and brown with children's and youth sizes.

Image of Baxter Appaloosa boots for children. Recommended by Saddleworld Dural for pony club members.

Baxter Appaloosa 

The Baxter Appaloosa is a lightweight, rubber-soled jodhpur boot with a lovely, streamlined profile. Available only in mahogany brown in children's sizes 1-8.

Image of Ariat Kids' Devon IV Zip Paddock Boots. Sold by Saddleworld Dural and recommended for pony club members.

Ariat Kid's Devon

The Ariat Kids' Devon IV Zip Paddock Boots are a superior jodhpur boots made from Full-grain leather with a brass front zip for ease and convenience. These boots have a beautiful, polished look and are super comfortable for all-day wear. Available in both light brown and black in sizes 11-5.

Jodhpurs or Tights

Traditionally Pony club jodhpurs have always been beige in colour. However, this year, Pony Club Australia has revised their rules for rally days to include darker colours like black and navy which are more practical and less washing! We recommend checking with your Pony Club on their take on the new rule.

Jodhpurs we often recommend for kids include: 

Peter Williams Jodhpurs

Peter Williams jodhpurs are a tried-and-true favourite amongst pony clubbers. They are hard-wearing and made from 95% cotton to keep kids cool throughout the day. Childs 4 – 14. Browse our range of Peter Williams jodhpurs for children.

Bare Equestrian Tights

Bare Tights are popular for kids because of their super comfortable activewear material and stylish look. Available in Youth sizes 6-14 in a variety of colours. Browse our range of Bare Equestrian tights.


As a horse rider, your helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment to protect your head in case of an accident. Therefore, it is especially important for helmets to fit kids correctly and be comfortable whilst riding. Helmets should be replaced if dropped or if a rider has a fall. The following helmets all meet current Pony Club Standards.

Aussie Rider 

Aussie Rider helmets are a pony club classic! We love these helmets as a no-frills economical choice for beginners. Available in X-Small to X-Large. Shop Aussie Rider helmets

Zilco Oscar Range

These helmets have sizing dials at the back, which can be handy for growing kids as they can be tightened or loosened to suit a range of sizes.

Image of pink Zilco Oscar junior helmet for horse riding and pony club. Recommended by Saddleworld Dural, also available in white.

Oscar Junior 

An adorable helmet for young riders! Available in pink or white and one size fitting 49cm - 56cm. View Product.

Image of Zilco Oscar Lite helmet recommended for children who do horse riding or join pony club. Recommended by Saddleworld Dural.

 Oscar Lite

A super lightweight helmet with a sleek matte finish. Available in black in small (48cm - 52cm), medium (52cm - 57cm) and large (57cm - 61cm). View product.

mage of Zilco Oscar Select helmet recommended for children who do horse riding or join pony club. Recommended by Saddleworld Dural.

Oscar Select

A stylish matte black helmet with a grey piping detail. Available in black in small (48cm - 52cm), medium (52cm - 56 cm) and large (57cm - 61cm). View product.


Optional: Safety Vest

At Pony Club you might not need a safety vest to start with for general riding and dressage, but you are more than welcome to wear one. However, as your child progresses and wants to participate in pole work or jumping exercises, a Level 3 safety vest must be worn.

We offer two options of safety vests which come a range of sizes:

Image of Vipa III Body Protector safety vest for equestrian and horse riding. 

Vipa 3 Body Protector

The Vipa 3 is a black safety vest that comes in a range of sizes with short and long options. It is made using an Air Mesh lightweight material allowing for ventilation with a shock-absorbing foam rubber panel specially designed to absorb impact when needed. View product.

Image of Zilco Champion Child Safety Vest for horse riding and equestrian.


Zilco Champion

The Zilco Champion Safety Vest is a highly comfortable grey flexible segmented style body protector. They are made with heavy-duty YKK zips and ultra-lightweight foam. View product.


Now that you have all the essential gear sorted, pack some water and sunscreen, remember to make friends, and enjoy the sunshine watching your children have fun with their beloved pony!

If you would like some help with selecting the right items for pony club, give us a call on 02 9651 2337 and visit us in-store at 857 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158.