Horse Health: First Aid

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    Keep your first aid kit topped up and be ready for any medical situation or injury - you and your horse will be thankful for it. Browse our extensive range of horse care and treatment products including bandages, hoof socks, ointments, sprays, creams and more.
    55 products
    Calafea Horse Oil 500 ml
    Before and after using Calafea Horse Oil on Gypsy horse Dillon
    Calafea Horse Oil
    from $52.95
    In-Silver Spray On Bandage
    Equine Super Goo
    Medi Vet Vet Wrap
    Betadine Antiseptic Solution
    Zilco Easy-Measure Weighband
    Plughz Bit Wrap
    NRG Pink Noze Sunscreen
    from $23.95
    Tubbease Hoof Sock
    Global Medi-Vet Equiplast
    from $6.95
    Silver Honey Spray Gel: Med-grade, kills 99.9% bacteria. Manuka honey, MicroSilver BG, touch-free, continuous wound care.
    Absorbine Silver Honey Spray
    Filta-Bac Antibacterial Sunscreen
    from $19.95
    Derma Gel
    Gauze Swabs
    Bit Butter
    from $29.95
    Tubbease Sole Inserts
    White Healer
    from $18.95
    Equizal Natural Barrier Cream
    Heal horse wounds swiftly with Absorbine Silver Honey (extra strength). Buy now at Saddleworld Dural.
    Absorbine Silver Honey Ointment
    Veterinary Stethoscope
    Quit Itch
    from $23.95
    TuffRock Poultice
    from $27.95
    from $47.95
    Virbac Rapigel
    from $33.95
    eZall Sheath Cleaner
    Kelato Cotton Wool and Gauze Roll
    from $12.95
    Flint's Medicated Oil
    from $18.95
    Fungazol Anti-Fungal Cream for Horses, Camels, Dogs and Cats
    EquaCare CuraPet Remedeaz Oil
    from $19.95
    Kelato SwellDOWN Poultice
    from $35.95
    Troy Chloromide
    Magnesi Magic Racing & Performance Spray
    Equine Super Goo - Muscle and Joint Cream
    Pharmachem Strong Iodine Solution
    Vetsense Permetrol
    from $23.95
    Kelato Cotton Wool
    Troy Debrisol
    Pharmachem Proud Aid