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Good as Gold Racing: Bits

10 products
    10 products
    Brass Bit Clips (Pair)
    Chifney Bit - Solid Brass - Yearling
    Solid Brass Chifney Bit with Rubber Mouth
    Black Brown Navy
    PVC Chifney Strap
    from $29.00
    Weanling Bit with Nylon Mouth
    Leather Bit Connectors
    Chifney Bit - Solid Brass - Weanling
    Straight Bar Loose Ring Bit with Players (England)
    Dexter Ring Bit
    Wave Mouth Chifney Bit Stainless Steel
    Browse our range of premium, high-quality bridle bits, designed and manufactured exclusively in Australia by Saddleworld Dural. These bridle bits perfectly complement our exclusive range of bridles for racing horses and thoroughbreds. Shop now.