Grooming: Conditioner

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    Give your horse's mane and tail the care they deserve with our range of high-quality horse conditioners. Keep your horse's hair glossy and strong thanks to our selection of conditioners from top brands such as Magic Tales, Equinade, Hairy Pony, Cowboy Magic and Hi Shine.

    8 products
    Magic Tails Creme Conditioner
    from $15.95
    Hi Shine Equine HG Serum
    Equinade Showsilk Protein Conditioner
    from $16.95
    Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner
    from $34.95
    Hairy Pony Essential Oil Coat Conditioner
    from $14.95
    Hairy Pony Hair Repair Conditioner
    from $27.95
    ProGroom Restore Conditioner
    Hairy Pony Purple Hair Repair