Image of various horse stable equipment items, available to purchase from Saddleworld Dural.


163 products
    163 products
    Blue Black White
    Ferrari Stackable Cavaletti Blocks
    Blue Black
    Horsewear Wash Bag
    Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Hay Nets
    from $18.00
    Wind Sucking Collar
    Sporty Haft Spray
    Image of two tubes of Fairfax Rapide Leather Gel, available to purchase from Saddleworld Dural (with a free tub coming with all Fairfax bridles, saddles and girths).
    Fairfax Leather Gel
    Prestige Leather Balsam
    CDM Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray
    Oakwood Leather Conditioner
    from $13.95
    Effax Leather Balsam
    Prestige Leather Cleaner
    Leather Mate Neutral
    Oakwood Leather and Synthetic Wipes
    Prestige Leather Oil
    Zilco Easy-Measure Weighband
    Kentucky Boot Bag
    Effax Leather Combi + Spray
    Prestige Saddle Cover
    Stubbs Retro Bridle Rack
    Oakwood Liquid Saddle Soap
    Pocket Twine Cutter
    Stubben Glycerin Saddle Soap
    Whip Rack
    Stubbs Retro Timber Saddle Rack
    Blue Purple
    Saddleworld Feed Scoop
    Zilco Bridle Bracket
    Portable Saddle Bracket
    LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag
    Organize your saddlery with the 6-Prong Tack Rack from Saddleworld Dural. 4 hooks for bridles, reins, and more. Buy now!
    6 Prong Tack Rack for Bridles
    Showcraft Dressage Markers
    Kentucky Saddle Pad Bag
    Blue Red
    Horsemaster Slow Feed Hay Ball
    Blue Purple Red Pink
    Drip Feed Ball
    Kentucky Bridle Bag
    Oakwood Leather Oil
    Equi-Prene Grazing Muzzle
    Kentucky Stable Guard
    CDM Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray