Supplements: Digestive Health

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    At Saddleworld Dural, we stock various supplements designed to help horses of all types and ages. Supplements are designed to aid with hoof, coat, muscle, joint and gut health as well as calming supplements for hot horses. Brands include Kelato, Kentucky Equine Research, Kohnke's Own, Jenquine and GT Performer.
    19 products
    GT Performer
    GT Performer Elite
    GT Performer Aloe Vera
    Oralx Rebound 3
    Kohnke's Own Fabby
    from $74.95
    Kelato GastroAid Everyday
    from $79.95
    ProN8ure (Formerly Protexin)
    Jenquine All-4-Feet
    Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat
    from $52.95
    Kohnke's Own Formex
    from $60.95
    Kelato GastroAid Recovery
    from $159.00
    Stance Equitec ToxFree Toxin Binder
    KER EquiShure
    from $62.95
    TuffRock Gastro-Intestinal Liquid
    from $40.95
    Kohnke's Own Trim
    from $74.95
    Dynavyte Microbiome Support
    Anitone Horse Feed Supplement
    Kohnke's Own Tox Target Toxin Binder
    from $48.95
    TuffRock Foal Plus