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    Get your hands on Nags to Riches' premium line of horse grooming products, including the Sculpting Stick, Makeup Sponge, and Smooth Braids, designed to enhance the beauty and comfort of your equine partner. Elevate your own grooming routine with HairLock, our exclusive human hair care product. At Nags to Riches, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to provide you and your horse with unparalleled luxury and performance. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself.
    16 products
    Image of Nags To Riches (NTR) Horse Plaiting Bands - 400 pieces, available in black, white and colourless.
    Black White Clear
    Nags To Riches Plaiting Bands
    Nags To Riches Ultimate Marker Comb
    Image of Nags to Riches Latch Hook - for putting in false tails and finishing off the perfect forelock braid.
    Nags To Riches Latch Hook
    Hi Shine Equine Liquid Silk Hair Polish Spray
    Nags To Riches Sculpting Stick
    Image of Nags to Riches Makeup sponge for applying & blending your horse's makeup.
    Nags To Riches Makeup Sponge
    Image of a single Nag To Riches HairLock hair net product in black.
    Image of Nags To Riches HairLock hair net product available in brow colour.
    Black Dark Brown Light Brown Blonde
    Nags To Riches HairLock
    Black Dark Brown Dark Chestnut Bright Chestnut +1
    Nags To Riches Plait Booster
    Nags To Riches Quick Clamps
    Nags To Riches Whispaway
    Nags To Riches Thread Cutter
    Nags To Riches Smooth Braids
    Nags To Riches Pure White
    Nags To Riches Plaiting Needles
    Blunt-Ended Plaiting Needles Assorted Sizes - Pack Of 9
    Blonde Natural
    Nags To Riches Intensify Conditioning Mask