Grooming: Shampoo

22 products

    22 products
    Troy Hoss Gloss
    from $15.95
    Chestnut Black Bay
    Equinade Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoo
    from $19.95
    Kelato AminoGLOSS
    from $26.95
    Magictails Magic Wash Shampoo
    Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo
    from $34.95
    MP Diamond Shine Shampoo
    from $16.00
    Malaseb Medicated Shampoo
    from $29.95
    Just Magick Shampoo
    Kohnke's Kleen Sheen
    from $28.95
    Quit Itch
    from $23.95
    MP Oh So Silver Shampoo
    Hairy Pony Natural Horse Shampoo
    from $22.95
    Pharmachem Triocil
    from $41.95
    Hairy Pony Double Strength Purple Shampoo
    Image of Vetsense EquiGLOSS 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo for horses, available to purchase from Saddleworld Dural.
    Vetsense EquiGLOSS 2in1
    from $25.95
    Hairy Pony Purple Toner Shampoo Bar
    Hi Shine Equine Showtime Alpha Wash
    ProGroom Enhance Horse Shampoo
    Equinade Showsilk Shampoo Concentrate
    from $16.95
    Hairy Pony Eco-Friendly Original Shampoo Bar
    ProGroom Maintain Horse Shampoo
    EquaCare CuraPet Remedeaz Shampoo
    from $34.95


    Maintaining your horse’s coat in pristine condition is essential for their health and appearance. With a range of exceptional horse shampoos available, you can ensure your equine companion looks and feels their best. Top brands like Troy, Eqinade, Kelato, Magictails, Cowboy Magic, Malaseb, and Kohnke each offer unique benefits to suit various grooming needs.

    These shampoos are formulated to provide deep cleansing without stripping the coat of its natural oils. Many are designed with gentle, hypoallergenic ingredients, making them perfect for horses with sensitive skin. With moisturizing properties, these shampoos leave the coat soft, shiny, and free from dandruff.

    Some shampoos, such as those from Eqinade, are specifically designed to enhance coat color and shine, making them ideal for show preparation. Others, like Malaseb, offer medicated formulas that address skin conditions such as dermatitis or fungal infections, promoting overall skin health.

    Shampoos from brands like Magictails and Cowboy Magic are enriched with vitamins and conditioners, promoting a silky, tangle-free mane and tail while providing a delightful fragrance. These luxurious products ensure your horse enjoys a pampering grooming session.

    Kohnke and Kelato shampoos are known for their effectiveness in removing tough stains and leaving the coat manageable and radiant. They offer a balanced formula that cleans and conditions in one step, making grooming sessions easier and more enjoyable.

    Whether you are looking for a deep-cleansing shampoo, a color-enhancing formula, or a medicated option, these trusted brands provide a variety of choices to meet your horse’s specific needs. Invest in these top-quality shampoos to keep your horse’s coat in top condition, ensuring they look and feel their best every day.