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    Meet the ultimate must-have in horse care from Saddleworld Dural: our cohesive bandages for horses. These bandages deliver top-notch support and stability, crucial for both recovery and injury prevention. Their special self-adhering design means they stick only to themselves, avoiding any discomfort by not clinging to your horse's skin or hair.

    Thanks to their breathable, porous material, these bandages prevent skin maceration by allowing air to circulate, keeping the wrapped area healthy and dry. They're super easy to tear by hand, so you're always ready in an emergency. Plus, their subtle flesh tone makes them less noticeable, helping your horse look great while healing.

    Our bandages flexibly conform to your horse's body, ensuring comfort without sacrificing support, even during movement. They're not just for injuries; use them for routine support or in cases like ankle or wrist fractures.

    At Saddleworld Dural, we’re more than just a brand; we’re fellow horse lovers who pride ourselves on understanding what horses need. We're committed to providing only the best for your equine friends. Got a question or need some advice? Our friendly team is here to help anytime. Wrap your horse in comfort and care with our top-quality cohesive bandages.

    20 products
    Black White
    Eskadron Climatex Bandage Pads
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    Black Burgundy Charcoal Chocolate +11
    Eskadron Fleece Bandages
    Quilted Leg Wraps
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    Black Red Royal White
    Elastic Bandage - Set of 4
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    Polo Fleece Bandages - Set of 4
    Black Navy
    Kentucky Repellent Stable Bandages
    White Black
    Pillow Leg Wraps
    Black Navy
    Kentucky Repellent Working Bandages
    Kentucky Wool Bandages
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    Zilco Sure Flex Bandage - Each
    Black White
    Zilco Polo Bandages - Set of 4
    LeMieux Stable Boots
    Kentucky Sheepskin Pastern Wraps
    Kentucky Working Bandage Pads Absorb
    Silk Blue
    Eskadron Reflexx Fleece Bandages
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    Ice Blue Marine
    LeMieux Classic Polo Banadge
    Navy Ashgreen
    Eskadron Platinum Fleece Bandages
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    PS of Sweden Polo Bandages Suede - Hunter Green
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    Silk Purple Navy
    Eskadron Classic Sports Fleece Bandages
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