eZall Sheath Cleaner

SKU: EZA69-4031
eZall Sheath Cleaner

eZall Sheath Cleaner

SKU: EZA69-4031
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Ezall Sheath Cleaner is made from a key non-ionic surfactant system derived from soy, corn, palm and cotton seed oils, their alcohols, fatty acids, esters and other related minerals. Its ready biodegradable and derived from renewable resources. Ezall Sheath Cleaner rinses out easily; will not leave a residue on skin; is non-irritating, helps speed up cleansing process.


Most geldings and stallions should have their sheaths cleaned at least every six months. Light-pigmented genital areas, such as in Pintos, tend to develop accumulations more quickly and therefore, will require more frequent cleaning.

Stallions: A breeding stallion need to be washed before and after breeding a mare. Washing not only cleanses the penis, but it also helps to stimulate the stallion in preparation for breeding.

Mares: A smegma-like substance occasionally collects between the teats of a mare`s udder. This material can cause irritation to the mare resulting in her rubbing her tail.Therefore, mares should be checked periodically for cleanliness.

For cleanliness, disposable gloves should be used by the individual performing the cleaning task and excessively cold water should be avoided. Place a liberal amount of eZall Sheath Cleaner into palm of hand and apply into the horse`s sheath. Work the product into the folds of the sheath. Allow 2-3 minutes for eZall Sheath Cleaner into loosen smegma. Carefully pull the horse` penis out of the sheath gently remove the loose smegma using pieces of cotton batting. Occasionally, smegma will accumulate in a mass in the “blind pouch” above the opening of the urethra in the end of the horse`s penis. This resulting “bean” may become large enough to interfere with urination if not removed. After all presence of smegma has been removed, rinse the horse`s sheath and penis as thoroughly as possible with clean water.

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